Our Policy

  • A deposit required to confirm your reservation. Due to Covid-19 check in is 5pm and check out is 9am. .The extra 2 hours is necessary for the added cleaning procedures we have implemented. Deposits are non-refundable, payment in full due on check out. Please plan on settling your bill the day before your departure between noon and 5PM. Daily office hours NOON to 7PM, please let us provide your needs during these hours. Please check-in by 7pm, late check-ins must notify the office
  • Don't forget to see our suggested packing list page so you don't forget anything! :)

Pet Policy

We reserve the right to allow or refuse pets. You MUST get prior permission to bring your pet. We require the breed information, age and name of the pet. Any guest not getting permission will be charged double the going rate. If we clean up or step in any pet waste; if staff finds stains or damage in the cabin, you will be charged a clean up fee/damage fee . When permission is given, there is a maximum of one pet per cabin. Any pet with aggressive behavior or past history of aggressive behavior towards people or other animals are not allowed on site. Exceptions will be given at our discretion.

Deposits Policy

Deposits are non refundable, Any cancellation within 180 days of check-in requires payment of the full amount that would have been due for your stay. Please take out trip insurance (see link at top) to avoid any financial issues. As a small independently owned resort, cancellations affect us dearly. We hope you understand that as a small resort, our cancellation policy will be enforced.