The Lake

Wabana Lake is a 2,200 acre lake consisting of several large bays and channels offering access to other lakes such as Big Trout (1854 acres), Little Trout (85 acres) and Bluewater (364 acres).   Its crystal clear, spring-fed waters offer excellent fishing for walleye, northern, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill and yellow perch.  Click on these links to see the DNR’s Lake Survey and Water Quality reports on Wabana.

The lake is also a wonderful recreational lake.  With water clarity of 16 feet our pristine waters are the perfect place to wade, kayak, swim, ski, or tube on a warm, summer day. Hear the cry of the loons, sun yourself… relax.

Located in the heart of the Chippewa National forest, the shores of Wabana Lake are largely undeveloped – consisting of miles of untouched forest.  Natural habitat is abundant so deer, bear, bald eagles, and other wildlife are a common sight.

Click here to view a printable map of Wabana Lake.


The Area

If you are not fishing or enjoying the lake, you may wish to explore the Chippewa National Forest which covers 666,623 acres, leaving the area highly undeveloped and preserving the natural beauty. There is no better way to see the Chippewa National Forest than on a trail. The Forest offers over 298 miles of non-motorized trails. Hike and view spring wildflowers, observe wildlife, bike along a tranquil wetland, ski, snow-shoe, or hike through winter woods. Picnic areas are also featured in the Forest.  As an undeveloped area, you are asked to bring out what you brought in, leaving the woods as you found them.

People often make a special trip to the Chippewa National Forest to observe bald eagles. The best opportunities for viewing bald eagles are from the large lakes and major rivers. Wildlife viewing is best at dawn and dusk where tall white and red pine with openings in the limbs offer prime perch sites. Nests are usually located about 10-20 feet from the top. Eagle nest sites are kept confidential to protect the birds from disturbance during incubation and rearing of young. If you know of an eagle nest location, please use caution and watch them only from a distance.

Come – spend some time and enjoy our peaceful surroundings at Birch Bay Resort on the shores of Lake Wabana. Enjoy the simple life.

Here are some helpful links to the DNR: Resident Fishing Licenses, Non-resident Fishing Licenses, Buy Fishing Licenses Online, Current Fishing Regulations

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